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About enterprise Xuan Hong

More than 30 years associated with the development of processing industry of tapioca starch, the advantage lies in the abundant raw cassava in Xining, businesses Cassava starch production Xuan Hong is considered a pioneering companies in the field of manufacturing high-quality starch not only domestically but also in foreign markets.
Located at 86 organizations Thanh Hiep Hamlet 13, Tan Thanh Commune City. Tay Ninh, with the motto of quality, prestige, protection and environment-friendly, businesses tapioca starch Xuan Hong is taking steps to confirm the position and the Pioneering breakthroughs to produce the tapioca starch products of high quality standards for export to demanding markets such as Europe, America ..

Currently the demand for cassava starch in the world is increasing because of tapioca starch is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textile and light industry in the like: cakes candy, synthetic fibers, pellets, modified starches, seasoning powder …


Foreseeing this business cassava starch processing Xuan Hong took the initiative to boldly innovate technology investment in machinery and equipment, laboratories, factories and warehouses in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and when exporting goods.

Applying the management system of technical standards, quality standards, wastewater treatment to meet the requirements of environmental health protection.
In the most significant innovation that comes to investing in modern production lines with equipment Decanter Saito of Japan and two AlfaLaval c3 Of Sweden these are two models with high capacity production cost high can produce more than 150 tonnes of starch per day of finished product quality European standards. Cleaner production, reduce over consumption of raw materials, fuel, materials on the product and has achieved certain success.

This investment had marked a major step processing enterprises Xuan Hong tapioca starch while many peers struggling with the Chinese market, the company many shortcomings pink spring shipments have price exports to South Africa, the US and some other European countries. Good product quality has helped businesses Xuan Hong entering the market is strictly controlled in terms of quality, something that few firms of Vietnam at present meet.


Tapioca starch for manufacturing enterprises spring pink with yellow apricot flower mountain logo 3 women and red logo buffalo is packed with 50 kg a bag specifications and can vary depending on customer requirements. Do not just stop at the technology innovation chain advanced production equipment manufacturing enterprises spring pink tapioca starch also very aware and responsible high in wastewater treatment for environmental protection.


Enterprises have invested large economic for the construction of wastewater treatment systems in modern microbiology

Wastewater after treatment will achieve Class A qualified to make the natural environment. The environmental protection efforts of enterprises tapioca starch pink spring not only environmental resource base Xining certificates and praise, but also the honor of being chosen as typical bright spot for replication protection environment for other manufacturing units across the country.
In the upcoming development, believes businesses tapioca starch processing pink spring, will continue to bring their products to integrate into the world market during the economic integration WTO today.